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Preparation: wash and dry the pieces of meat well, season them with salt and pepper. With the robot, chop all the vegetables and greens together until you get a vegetable paste. In a larger bowl, mix the vegetable paste with the wine and pour it over the pieces of meat, mix to blend well and forget about them for a few hours in the refrigerator. Then place them in the Roman bowl, pour the oil on top and cover with a lid and put the dish in the oven at maximum temperature for 30 minutes.

The Romanian dish is never placed in the preheated oven, we place it when we start the fire. After 30 minutes, remove the lid and let it brown for another 20-25 minutes at a temperature of 220 degrees.

It turned out excellent, well browned but tender and very fragrant. I highly recommend the Romanian dish and the meat mix for steaks, the result is guaranteed. I served it with a light garnish of mashed potatoes and arugula.

Ingredients for vanilla ice cream:

Unwrap the bananas, cut them into slices and put them in the mixer. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix.

For the vanilla ice cream, mix the liquid cream and mix it lightly with the condensed milk in which the starch, sugar and vanilla essence have previously dissolved.

Pour alternate layers of the two ice creams into a large box and leave in the freezer overnight.

Serve in wafer cones, garnished with raspberry syrup.

For each liter of syrup add 1,250 g of sugar and 1 g of lemon salt.

Method of preparation

Chicken ciulama with mushrooms

Cut the breast into cubes, season and lightly fry until it changes color. Separated

Poultry liver stew

Washed liver, put it in the fridge, in a bowl with milk for 30 '. Chop the onion, garlic

Assorted steak in the oven

Assorted steak in the oven recipes: how to cook assorted roast in the oven and the tastiest recipes for baked chicken steak, baked chicken steak, baked coconut steak, baked chicken steak, baked chicken leg steak, boiled chicken steak, grilled chicken steak, steak chicken on the tray, steak, steak chicken on the tray.

Baked vegetable steak

Meat dishes 1kg mushrooms, 4 colored fatty peppers, 3-4 potatoes, 1 pumpkin, 5-6 garlic cloves, steak, oil, 1kg meat you want.

Assorted steak (poultry, pork)

Meat dishes 2 large whole chicken legs 400-500 g pork ribs fresh vegeta salt pepper paprika a few tomatoes (I had in the freezer I used 7 tomatoes) a few cloves of garlic green parsley leaves.

Pork steak with baked greens

1.5kg pork spices for pork steak 3 strands green garlic a bunch green onion 1 tablespoon oil 200 ml water

Baked chicken steak

-1 boiled chicken -salt -piper -oil

Assorted steak

Oregano, Water 2 slices of pork neck 2 cloves of garlic 2 tablespoons oil salt pepper oregano 2 tablespoons chicken one onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 teaspoon tomato paste the ingredients are for two servings

Baked steak with Azuki beans and couscous

Spices 1 beef steak (or beef). 200 gr azuki beans (organic product). 100 gr cus-cus. 1 sachet of bolognese sauce (tasty). 1/2 cup red wine. 10 pickled cherries. salt pepper spices.

Baked chicken steak with vegetables

Meat dishes 1 chicken, potatoes, a red onion, tomatoes, 1 eggplant, mushrooms.

Assorted steak

We need wine for 4-5 servings of: a chicken cut into pieces 3 rabbit legs cut into 2 each a large onion a small carrot a tomato a handful of greens (rosemary sage and parsley I put) 200 ml of wine 50 ml of olive oil salt pepper 2.

Pork steak with green pepper sauce

a nice piece of pork spices for pork a special bag for baked steak 2 tablespoons green peppercorns 2 tablespoons sour cream for cooking 1 tablespoon mustard with berries

Baked pork steak with apples

Potato, Pepper, Basil 4 pieces pork chop 8 new potatoes 2 tomatoes 1 red pepper 1 large onion 2 carrots 2 cloves garlic olive oil soy sauce worchester sauce 1 cup half white wine 3 apples paprika basil salt pepper spices for steak

Beef steak with new baked potatoes

Olive oil, Chives, Olives 1 kg new potatoes (from the little ones) 1 kg fresh beef 200 gr chives a few garlic cloves 1 cup wine spices steak laurel olive oil spices potatoes 1 cup water

Baked pork steak

pork leg 500gr oil 3-4 tablespoons spices pepper thyme bay leaf wine 1 glass suitable salt

Baked leg roast

Thyme, Oregano, Water 4 thighs 4 tablespoons mustard an onion a carrot 4 cloves garlic pepper, thyme, oregano 3-4 tablespoons oil a cup white wine

Roast chicken with baked potatoes

-10 chicken upper legs -potatoes as much as you want -3 garlic heads -salt -pepper

Baked lamb steak

* 1 lamb rib approx. 1 kg * 1 box of beer or wine * 2 rosemary threads * 1 clove of garlic * 2 bay leaves * 50 ml olive oil * salt * pepper

Baked pork breast steak

Food, Steaks, Christmas pork breast tender potatoes sausages fresh spices (thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper, paprika, etc.) white wine

Baked beef steak

Meals, Meat food beef cut into pieces peppers cut into red strips cut into cubes garlic cut into cubes salt pepper butter into pieces.

Roast lamb and put in the oven

Food, Meat dishes 1 kg potatoes 4 legs chicken meat meat salt, spices 200 g margarine

Pan-fried rabbit steak with grilled vegetable garnish or baked potatoes

Meat with half a rabbit meat or one whole depending on the capacity of the pan - 1 cup of water - enough oil to cover the bottom of the tray but do not overdo it - salt pepper - basil oregano tarragon or whatever aromatic plant you have in the house

Baked pork steak

Food, Steaks, Christmas 500 g pork leg salt and ground rosemary pepper, a teaspoon tip 1 cup red wine 2-3 large potatoes 3 cloves garlic

Spicy pork steak in the oven

Chili 1.5 kg of pork salt pepper chili paste 3 cloves garlic one onion one piece smoked sausages and some spaghetti

Beef steak with baked vegetables and mashed potatoes

Peppers, Basil, Oregano for Beef steak you need the following: 500g beef 2 onions 1 pepper 2 donuts 2 carrots 2 cloves garlic a glass of white wine oil salt pepper basil oregano a tomato or tomato juice for. mashed potatoes should: 10 suitable potatoes.

Pork steak with sausages and baked vegetables

Meat dishes pork, sausages, eggplant, mushrooms, red peppers

Roast turkey with vegetables in the oven

Thyme, Carrots, Celery 1.2-15 kg turkey upper legume 4-5 carrots 1 larger onion 1 parsnip 1 zucchini (350-400 g) 50 g celery 1 red bell pepper 2 cucumber pickles 2 tomatoes and 5-6 small tomatoes a few celery leaves and parsley 1 clove garlic 200.

Assorted salad

Salads 3-4 tomatoes 1 cucumber 1 onion salt olive oil

Baked Rabbit Steak

a marinated rabbit (recipe can be found on the website www.reteta-video.ro) 10 cloves of garlic cleaned and washed 50 gr. of butter 50 ml of water

Baked lamb steak

White wine, Wine 2kg lamb (1 pulp) 1 kg small potatoes 8 large cloves garlic 200ml white wine 300ml water 100 ml oil 2-3 sprigs rosemary 6 fresh mint leaves salt pepper

Baked lamb steak

Thyme, Pepper grains a leg of lamb back (put aside the visible fat and debone) salt pepper grains 4 tablespoons tomato paste water a little thyme 2 heads of garlic and 1 bunch of finely chopped parsley.

Assorted salad

Red cherry salad green salad 1 green pepper 1 carrot 1 cucumber 2 green onions 100 gr feta cheese (or telemea) lemon juice olive oil salt

Baked pork steak

Broth 700g pork 1 head of garlic 200 ml broth 30ml oil 1 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon salt

Baked rabbit with beer sauce

we need: one kilogram per rabbit portioned in pieces the right size a carrot, half a leek a few cherry tomatoes 2-3 pieces of small onion half a pepper 2-3 cloves of garlic (in the vegetables section you can replace .

Baked lamb steak - homemade recipe

use the thighs, a few pieces of neck and some ribs that are delicious 2 bundles green onions 4 bundles green garlic dried garlic for breading salt, white wine in abundance

Baked veal steak with mushrooms and potatoes

1/2 kg veal / beef 3-4 medium potatoes 6-7 champignon mushrooms 250 ml red wine 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper 1 clove garlic 2 tablespoons broth (optional)

Meatballs with potatoes, in the oven

Potato, Chicken legs, Chicken chicken legs potatoes spices for chicken steak aluminum foil or knorr bag

Baked lamb steak

Peppercorns a pound of lamb a cup of oil two tablespoons of vinegar a bunch of green garlic a bay leaf peppercorns a glass of white wine a cup of salt water.

Baked chicken steak

1 -2 teaspoons of hot paprika a little black peppercorns salt 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil 4 whole thighs (chicken) 2-3 teaspoons of tomato paste water to keep the meat in the pan and a little greenery for decoration.

Baked turkey steak

Wine 1 turkey pulp 2 pieces green garlic 3 pieces green onion 2 cloves garlic salt pepper paprika 1 teaspoon dried parsley 1 bay leaf 1 cup wine 2-3 tablespoons oil

Roast pork neck steak

Thyme 1 kg pork neck, 1 bag of thyme, ground black pepper, 100 g black olives, 50 g secret taste, 150 ml red wine, 1 red bell pepper, 30 ml oil, 100 g tomato paste.

Baked pork steak

Tomato juice 6 slices of pork onion 6 slices of pork meat salt, ground, thyme, nutmeg to taste 7-8 berries, 3-4 bay leaves, 5-6 cloves a clove of garlic tomato juice 200-250 ml White wine

Beef belly snacks fried or baked

Crumb 1 kg beef belly half carrot, a few slices of bleach, half an onion, a few peppercorns, a bay leaf breadcrumbs oil for frying or greasing the tray if baked in the oven 4 eggs salt, pepper, thyme snails can be fried in oil or se.

Fry the tray

Peppers, Bell peppers 300 gr pork liver 2 bell peppers 2 medium onions a piece of ham mushrooms (here it depends how many portions you want to make anyway you don't need many) 1 magic bag knorr for pork steak sticks for skewers sheet of paper for oven

Duck steak with orange and chives sauce

Nutmeg, Coriander - I used from duck thighs, liver, pipota and chest - 2 jars of chives - 1/2 teaspoon honey for marinade - an orange coriander nutmeg freshly ground white pepper sea salt or pink Himalayan salt a tablespoon of olive oil olives.

Stir-fried apricot stew with baked potatoes

Thyme, Carrots * beef apricot * 1-2 carrots * 1-2 smaller onions * 2 bay leaves * 3-4 peppercorns * 3 tablespoons oil * 2-3 red pasta or ketchup * 1 glass of wine (white or red) * 2 cups hot water * baked potatoes * a little thyme * salt * 2-3 threads.

Roast pork leg roast in the oven

Meat dishes 1 piece of pork meat about 1.5 kg 2 green onions 10 green garlic cloves 2 cloves garlic 1 tablespoon mustard 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 cup red wine salt pepper 1/2 tablespoon paprika 1 teaspoon grated thyme dry

Baked chicken liver with halogen Oven

Paprika 500 g chicken liver 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon base for meals 3-4 cloves of garlic a little finely chopped greens or dried pepper paprika spices for steak. who likes the taste of thyme can use half a teaspoon.

Baked chicken steak with vegetables

Chicken, Chicken thighs, Water 2 chicken thighs 500 g chicken breast 50 dill butter 1/2 tsp (according to preference) 1 carrot green onion 1/2 tsp spices (salt pepper) 100 ml beer (or wine who prefers) 100 ml the water

Oven in the oven

baked scrambled eggs 4 eggs & ndash 8 pcs milk 100-200ml green parsley 1 pcs butter 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon (to taste)

Baked lamb steak with vegetables and green olives

Meat dishes we need: -a lamb shoulder of about 2kg (it is more fragile than the pulp) -1 rosemary thread -10 cloves of garlic -15 tablespoons olive oil (for seasoning and frying meat) -1 large potato (or 12 new potatoes) -10 small tomatoes (cherry).

Pork steak

Thyme ingredients: * pork chop * 2-3 onions * 2-3 cloves garlic - for marinade: * 1 glass of red wine * 2-3 tablespoons oil * a few cloves crushed garlic * salt pepper thyme spice mixture for steak - in quantities of your choice

Baked pork steak

Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary 1 kg pork muscles 1 onion 3 cloves garlic thyme salt pepper oregano rosemary a bay leaf a piece of carrot a piece of parsnip 100 ml white wine 4 tablespoons oil

Grilled honey steak

1. Cut the lamb into slices up to 2 cm thick. Mix the spices and sprinkle them over the meat.

2. Add the crushed garlic, grated peel and lemon juice, olive oil and mix well.

3. Put the meat in a bowl with a lid and leave it to cool for 10-12 hours.

4. Heat the grill and brown the meat. Serve with lettuce or assorted with grated cheese. Good appetite!

This recipe is recommended by Petrisor Tanase.

Grilled honey steak

Delicious steaks for Christmas!

Since childhood, Christmas meant, in addition to gifts from Santa, decorated Christmas tree, carols and holidays, and goodies that our mother or grandmother cooked with love. Cakes, cakes, cold cuts, salads and steaks - you can't imagine Christmas without them, can you?

You definitely want to be the one to surprise your loved ones this year, preparing delicious food for the holiday meals. We offer you festive steak recipes, easy to make and very tasty, with which you will pleasantly impress your loved ones.

As for most women, preparing dinner on holidays can turn into a chore, especially if you do not get help, the recipes are chosen in such a way as to make your work easier and to shorten, as much as possible, the time you have. spend in the kitchen.

Besides skill and skill, the biggest asset you can use (and) in the kitchen is imagination. Combine, match and season different ingredients and spices, to enjoy unique, special and very tasty results!

Turn any dish into a unique culinary experience, adding ingredients that please those for whom you prepare dinner. For example, if you prepare a cake and you know that your family likes raisins, you can sprinkle some in dough or cream. Also, don't forget to add special spices to your steak, such as thyme, basil or oregano, for extra flavor.

Take courage and prepare tender, enticing steaks - we come to your aid with a suite of recipes for all tastes!

Discover, further, other excellent recipes for festive, holiday meals.

We still present you other delicious recipes, only good to impress your guests. Get ready to receive the praise of all your loved ones, because, for sure, they will be extremely delighted by your wonderful dishes!

Assorted Steak

Grease an oven tray with a little oil. Season on all sides the pieces of meat with salt, pepper after they have been previously greased with oil and prick the sausages with the teeth of a fork or cut them in several places.

Put them in the pan, interspersed with larger pieces of onion. Sprinkle with rosemary and sprinkle with wine and oil. Cover the tray with aluminum foil and leave to cool for at least 30 minutes.

Bake in a very hot oven, over high heat, for about 15 minutes. Then reduce the heat to the right, remove the foil and leave for another 15-20 minutes or until the meat is done and nicely browned. Sprinkle with the sauce from time to time or with a little wine. Serve hot next to the garnish and your favorite salad or pickle.

Assorted steak in aspic


Method of preparation:

It's cold pork (fricando or muscle) and sirloin, after being given with salt. Then salt and boil smoked tongue and after it has been allowed to cool, it is cut into thin slices.

Arrange on the plate, matching the colors. Arrange the slices of in the middle of the tray sirloin, pink, round slices of pork muscles, then a row of tongues and finally again a row of sirloin (The plate must be large, round or oval).

Decorate as you like, glaze with aspic and shape with chopped aspic between the rows of slices.

Assorted steak

We need for 4-5 servings: a chicken cut into pieces, 3 rabbit legs cut into 2 each, a large onion, a small carrot, a tomato, a handful of greens (rosemary, sage and parsley I put), 200 ml of wine, 50 ml of olive oil, salt, pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, a handful of pitted green olives

Difficulty: Average | Time: 1h

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