Cake with mulberries and raspberries

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Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites with the sugar, then add the yolk and oil. Beat and at the end add flour, baking powder and cocoa. The composition must be thicker because when we put the fruit it becomes thinner from the syrup. Spread this composition in a tray lined with baking sheet and put on top the mulberries and raspberries that were kept in a little sugar to leave a syrup (I also put the syrup to be a slightly syrupy composition) and bake in the oven.

During this time it is done mascarpone cream, rub the mascarpone with the sugar and at the end add the cocoa. After the cake is baked, leave it to cool and put the mascarpone cream (be careful the crust must not be hot so that the cream does not melt)

Assembly: I cut the top into 2 parts, over the first sheet I put mascarpone cream then a little whipped cream, then top, cream and at the end I decorated with whipped cream.

Rhubarb and almond cake. Easy dessert to make!

I did the other day, with some rhubarb from the garden, oh simple cake and fast. A rhubarb and almond cake. But with almonds, if you don't have them, you can even give up and it becomes even simpler. Basically you only need 5 ingredients to make this simple and economical rhubarb cake. Ah, and fast, let's not forget to specify.

It's basically a pandispan with rhubarb over which I put a few pieces of rhubarb, cut into cubes and sprinkled some almond flakes that I had in the house. Simple, right? Obviously if you have almonds it comes out a little more "elegant" cake but it works without.

You could also put coconut flakes instead of almond flakes if you like. The idea is that we are dealing with a very easy recipe to make, perfect with morning coffee or even when you have someone visiting.

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Label: raspberry and chocolate cake

The countertop exactly as it should. With a little sour raspberry and a little juice. And a sweet vanilla cream. A perfect combination!

Double chocolate and raspberry cake

You realize it's a delicious double chocolate cake, right ?! The combination of ingredients qualifies him for this title and I hope you try at least one & hellip

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  1. Mix the crushed biscuits and the melted butter to obtain the crust of the cake.
  2. Put the obtained mixture in a round tray. Then beat the eggs with the remaining sugar and butter until you get a creamy mixture.
  3. Put it over the crust in the pan and add the banana slices and the pineapple pieces.
  4. Garnish with a thin layer of whipped cream and nuts and cherries or any other items you prefer.
  5. Leave the banana cake in the fridge overnight, so that all the flavors blend in and the crust solidifies. The next day, slice it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Now that you've figured out how to cook it banana cake without baking, discover here a similar recipe for a cheesecake!

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In a bowl, mix the flour with the butter
until we get small balls.

Add sour cream and mix.

Add a tablespoon of cold water until
when the dough tightens like a ball.

If after a few tablespoons of water the dough tightens
we don't need to use all the water.

Wrap the dough in cling film and
let cool for 2 hours.

Spread the dough and place it in the form
of buttered tart.

Prick the dough from place to place for
not to swell.

Bake in the preheated oven until
it browns.

We mix eggs with sugar and flour then add
little bit warm milk and mix well,pour
composition over the rest of the milk.

Put on the fire and mix until the composition is
add the butter and mix
until it melts.

At the end we add the essence and the lemon peel.

Allow the cream to cool slightly and put
over the tart counter.

Garnish with raspberries and pour gelatin on top
prepared according to the instructions on the envelope.

Method of preparation

Eheee. what a wonderful cake. it will definitely remind you of childhood. ) This wonderful combination of sweet and sour chocolate plus chocolate made a sensation in my family again. ) Yes, let's move on to the cake..I say ..

In a bowl put the flour, yeast and butter and knead, and the result is a sandy dough. Separately, mix the egg, sour cream and flavors and add to the flour dough. Knead until fully incorporated and put the resulting dough in foil and leave it to rise approx. an hour (you can even more if you have time). As long as it grows, we make the filling, that is, we mix in a bowl the walnuts, the sugar, the lemon peel and the vanilla ... simple. )

Divide the dough into 3 equal parts. In a tray of about 25x25cm put baking paper and spread the first sheet that we grease with jam and then sprinkle half the amount of walnut filling, then spread the sheet again, and jam and the rest of the filling and finish with the third sheet. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 180 ° C in the preheated oven.

When the cake is just a little warm, we pour the chocolate icing that we make simply by melting the chocolate on steam that we mix with liquid cream and we will get a wonderful ganache.

Molded cake with cheese and fruit

The recipe for the cake made with sweet cow's cheese and berries is one of those homemade cakes that I use whenever I feel like something sweet that can be prepared quickly. It is extremely tasty and to the liking of young and old alike. You can use both frozen fruit and fresh fruit or compote well drained of juice.

  • Wheat:
  • 2 eggs
  • 9 tablespoons sugar
  • 9 tablespoons oil
  • 9 tablespoons milk
  • 12 tablespoons flour
  • 1 baking powder
  • vanilla essence
  • Cheese cream:
  • 500 & ndash 600 g of cottage cheese
  • sugar to taste
  • 2 eggs
  • candied orange peel
  • Furthermore:
  • fruits of your choice: blackberries, raspberries, cherries, etc. (optional)

In a bowl, mix the eggs with a pinch of salt until they turn white and double in volume.

Gradually add powdered sugar, vanilla essence, oil and milk.

Incorporate flour previously mixed with baking powder.

You will get a composition like a thicker cream, similar to the one from the cake.

Pour half of the composition obtained in a tray measuring 20 x 30 cm lined with baking paper.

Place the tray in the preheated oven at 180 C for about 10-15 minutes, until the top is thick.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream cheese, mixing all the ingredients well.

To obtain a fine and delicious cream cheese you can use the vertical blender.

Depending on how dry the cottage cheese is, you can add another egg or a tablespoon of sour cream.

Cover the baking tray with cream cheese.

Optionally you can distribute berries of your choice.

Spread the remaining countertop composition on top.

Put the tray back in the preheated oven for approx. 30 minutes, until the cake is browned on top.

Give the note for the recipe. Molded cake with cheese and fruit

Fasting carrot cake recipe

This dessert is made only from ingredients allowed in the fast. It is a tender cake, it is not dry at all, even if it does not contain butter or vegetable fats. In addition, it has a delicious frosting of cashews and walnuts, which adds flavor to this great dessert. It does not contain sugar at all, but is naturally sweetened, with the help of dates, which are full of nutrients and perfectly bind the composition.

Ingredients for frosting:

  • 200 g of cashews
  • 150 ml of unsweetened almond milk
  • 4 large dehydrated dates, without seeds
  • vanilla essence, to taste.

Ingredients for fasting carrot cake:

  • 300 g of oatmeal
  • 320 g of carrots
  • 180 g of dates
  • 50 g of almonds
  • 2-3 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • a teaspoon of powdered ginger
  • a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg
  • a handful of crushed walnuts
  • peel from half an orange.

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