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The first time we will clean the pepper and onion, we will cut it into cubes, we will grate the cheese,

In a bowl beat eggs with spices to taste,

In a pan add the butter and when it has melted add beaten eggs, let it fry a little and then add 1/2 of the amount of cheese, add a stick the size of the pan, over the omelette and leave for about 1 minute to soften the cheese,

With a plate stretched larger than the pan, turn the omelet over,

Put it back in the pan with the glue down, add the 2 glue cheese and leave for about 1 minute, then spread again to brown the 2nd glue.

It is very good and cold,

Guacamole - Avocado Sauces

Interesting recipe, but maybe it's better to keep quiet, because you don't answer me anyway.

:))))) Look, I just answered you: do you find the recipe interesting enough to ever prepare it, or do you find it interesting just because it is a little exotic?

:) it's interesting and yours, but I think mine is better. I'll tell you
: an avocado, a red onion, lemon juice, sea salt, white pepper, greens, I prefer finely chopped cilantro and let's not forget what is more important, red tabasco sauce and the elaboration is the same. :))

I can't contradict you :) And out of politeness, but also because I didn't try the guacamole with tabasco sauce. You made me curious, especially since I like spicy foods.

I would probably prepare it for my mother, it would be to her taste. I am more capricious, but I appreciate if something is "different".

No matter how fussy you are, you can't know if you like guacamole or not until you try it. Someone told me on fb earlier that she was melted for avocado, but guacamole seems strange to her. Instead, I wouldn't eat plain avocado, although the first time I bought it I was convinced that I would like it :) So you can never be sure of anything until you try it.

True, maybe I'm wrong because I don't have the courage to experiment. There are some things I like or don't like and that never changes. Virgos have fixes like this.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
At least in the kitchen to have courage :) Do you think that I found guacamole attractive after seeing that I don't like avocados? But I said it's no big deal to try it.

Ha ha ha, that was good & quot as proof that in the end almost half end up no longer being virgins & quot. If I had the courage to go into the kitchen, it's probably not all lost.

See, you didn't waste time on my blog in vain - you found something good even if the recipe doesn't seem too good to you. Maybe I should put a joke at the end of each recipe. But you should know that you did not quote me perfectly: P I said & quotumatate & quot.

If we think it's a waste of time, we don't go in, even if in the end "all the time spent on the internet is wasted time" with small exceptions. You can always find "delicious" things that you like. only he couldn't cheer me up now.

I joked when I said jokes, the blog is only with recipes. Tell me if you'll ever taste guacamole.

Too bad, I would have liked to rejoice. As for guacamole (what a strange name it has), maybe I would be curious to taste it but prepared by you. Have an evening as you wish.

I don't know of any guacamole jokes, but the name would sound funny and should cheer you up a little :) Maybe I'll make you guacamole, but you have to bring your avocado - in case you don't like guacamole I can apologize that you did not choose a suitable avocado: P

I would say that if you make such an invitation, you should be prepared in case I don't like it. I always find alternatives.

Hello and Happy Birthday!
How would you describe the taste of guacamole? Thanks

Happy birthday, Claudia! It seems to me that guacamole looks a little like eggplant salad. Guacamole is also a little sour because it has tomatoes and lemon juice. Imagine an eggplant salad with tomatoes, parsley and a little garlic :)

Hmmm, look appetizing! You convinced me to try, but I hope to find a baked avocado (last time I found it raw: D), I'm a big fan of eggplant salad!

I like guacamole more. If the avocado is raw, keep it for a few days and it will ripen. Press it with your finger from time to time and you will notice that the avocado softens a little from one day to the next.

Thanks for the tip)

I found your recipe, I work in London as a chef and I make this recipe, but we don't put parsley and garlic, I will try it for myself at home, it's delicious anyway.

I also found a lot of guacamole recipes on the net, but this seemed to me the most & quota-authentic & quot :) Personally, guacamole without garlic and parsley would seem fad to me now, after I've done it a few times already. It's worth a try, I'm really curious how it will look.

I'm waiting for more sauce recipes. I'm on a diet, without flour, potatoes, without much oil. etc..I'm not boring you. I need something new for my regular food. I ffff tried many recipes from the blog. I am fascinated. Congratulations!

Thanks! I'm never on a diet, so I don't know how I can help you :)) I just posted a recipe for baked cauliflower which, even if it contains some sour cream and cheese, you might still like.

Thank you very much. I tried the recipe, very good. I made yogurt instead of sour cream.

With pleasure! I guess you mean the suggestion above, not guacamole :))) If you signed up, it would have been easier for me to understand what you were talking about (you can also use numbers, not necessarily a name).

I glanced around. what can I say, the blog is interesting. recipes only one and one.
I read about this avocado recipe before, but I didn't try it.
however, today I risk it! :)
I come back with a comment.

a delight came out. healthy, tastes.
recommended to everyone!
thanks for the recipe!

I came back. Excellent avocado salad recipe. I mention that I don't make it with garlic, it can't be eaten during the day and then I put celery (not very much because it is very aromatic) given on a grater (raw or slightly steamed). It is an excellent combination. Try to put a little celery in the eggplant salad. You won't be sorry!
Good luck!

Welcome back! Maybe I should take you for granted that you rarely come here :) But I don't do it because you always come up with interesting ideas. To make it even more exotic, would you try guacamole with a little ginger?

Well, what about the idea of ​​fried cherries with muuuuuuulta cream? Yes, less often I am blamed for too good food and a growing belly. My husband is exasperated when he finds me in the kitchen. And kiss them, because our little girl needs healthy food. Please, I don't know how healthy fries are with a lot of cream, but forgive my cravings.

As for your question, I don't know what to say. If I did it with ginger, surely our little one wouldn't pop. I'm not saying I won't try, although so far I've only used ginger for steaks.

Aaaaa, if I try to fry less often, we didn't give up on ice cream and we make a huge box every week. If I told you a while ago that I laughed at chocolate, I'll come back and tell you that I did it with strawberry mousse. And when I put it in the box, I alternated layers of ice cream with strawberry mousse with those of cioco and between, strawberry jam. Of. what bodoganeli still hear my ears. Yes, I'm happy, all the plates are shaved. There is no greater gratitude!
Thanks again for the basic ice cream recipe and thanks for the ideas.
You execute, because you don't know when you wake up at the door of the blog with me.
Kiss you,

Carmen, you start to exasperate me too, not just your husband :)))) It's 3 o'clock in the morning and you make me salivate here imagining piles of cakes, creams, ice cream, foams, jams. Obviously, all organic and dietary: P
I just made a sarlota cake and I hope I keep something for tomorrow, but now I have to & quotinec my bitter & quot with it :) At least I still have a little consolation, weight is my last problem :)

Panini Maker Breville: The perfect cooking appliance. See 10 Delicious Breakfast Recipes

In addition to preparing classic sandwiches with PANINI MAKER from Breville you can also prepare hot sandwiches like panini, focaccia and ciabatta, you can bake vegetables, fish or meat, omelettes or poached eggs.

PANINI MAKER Breville It is made of stainless steel and can prepare up to four sandwiches simultaneously, perfect for a family breakfast. It is very easy to use, being equipped with 2 lights, "cold" handle and non-slip feet, and cleaning non-stick trays is very easy, with a napkin or a damp cloth.

Here are 10 appetizing and easy to prepare ideas for breakfast, in delicious combinations, which we invite you to try too!

1. Omelet with colored bell peppers, corn and goat cheese

Omelet with kaizer and green onions

Finely chop the green onion and fry in 2-3 tablespoons of oil.

Over the hardened onion, add the diced kaizer. Cook together until the kaizer is browned.

Beat the eggs with salt and pepper.

The hardened onion and kaizer are transferred to a heat-resistant dish, and the beaten eggs are placed over them.

Add the grated cheese on top.

Put in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes, until golden brown.

Menemen - Turkish omelet

Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the onion.

Add the peppers and cook together for 5 minutes.

Then add the tomatoes and leave for another 5 minutes.

Add sliced ​​olives and mix.

Add beaten eggs with salt and pepper.

Season with oregano, then mix to make an egg on all sides.

Quesadilla with omelet and spinach

What ingredients do you need for 2 servings:

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • a handful of fresh spinach
  • salt and pepper
  • 75 g cheese (I used Delaco cheese)
  • 2 glues

You start with the omelet. In a bowl, beat the eggs with a fork. Put a pan on the fire and add 2 tablespoons of oil, spinach and spices: salt and pepper. When the spinach softens, put the beaten eggs and cook the omelet over medium heat.

As soon as the omelet is ready, divide it in half and put it in the middle of the sticks. Place grated cheese on top and wrap the glue carefully.

Put these packets of omelette and cheese in the hot pan (without oil) and lightly brown the quesadilla on each side.

The omelet sandwiches are ready. Simple, right?

If you don't want a spinach omelet, you can replace the spinach with your favorite ingredient in the omelet. With mushrooms, green onions, bacon. You keep, of course, the sticks, the cheese and the eggs and you can make a quesadilla to your taste.


Quesadilla recipes & # 8211 Mexican quesadilla recipes & # 8211 snacks simple, quick, tasty and easy to prepare.

These retes de quesadilla they are delicious and savory if eaten immediately. Prepared with Mexican ingredients or adapted with ingredients you already have in the fridge, you can even prepare omelettes or Italian salads.

If you want to prepare authentic quesadilla recipes try using black beans, jalapeno peppers, onions and spices in Mexican cuisine in your recipes and accompany these delicious recipes with guacamole sauce, guacamole salad or rooster beak sauce.

I leave you with some tips for quesadilla recipes to come out as tasty as possible:

  • 1. If you use oil in the pan to cook quesadilla, then the amount should be very small - just enough to grease the pan. It would be preferable to use a non-stick pan for which no oil will be needed. You can try to replace the oil with a very small amount of butter. It will bring flavor and beautiful, golden color.
  • 2. There are two cooking methods. The first in which you put the filling between two sheets of tortilla, and the second in which you use a single sheet and put the filling only in half, then fold the free half over the filling.
  • 3. You can preheat the pan before putting the tortilla sheets in the pan and the result will be tastier, the sheets will be crispier and will not soften too much with the filling.
  • 4. The cheese used must be one that melts and thus the two sheets are glued together. Mozzarella is a bit tasteless compared to other types of cheese, but I used it in a recipe with a summer touch, in Italian style.
  • 5. if you don't have a tortilla and still want a quesadilla recipe, you can use glue, but you won't do this with slices of bread because you get sandwiches not quesadilla!

That being said, I invite you to try quesadilla recipes presented below.


Panini Maker Breville: The perfect cooking appliance. See 10 Delicious Breakfast Recipes

In addition to preparing classic sandwiches with PANINI MAKER from Breville you can also prepare hot sandwiches such as panini, focaccia and ciabatta, you can cook vegetables, fish or meat, omelets or poached eggs.

PANINI MAKER Breville It is made of stainless steel and can prepare up to four sandwiches simultaneously, perfect for a family breakfast. It is very easy to use, being equipped with 2 lights, "cold" handle and non-slip feet, and cleaning non-stick trays is very easy, with a napkin or a damp cloth.

Here are 10 appetizing and easy to prepare ideas for breakfast, in delicious combinations, which we invite you to try too!

1. Omelet with colored bell peppers, corn and goat cheese

Tested by Foodstory: Quesadillas with chicken

It's the most versatile recipe I've ever tried. It is also suitable for breakfast, but also for dinner and can be done quickly with what you have on hand in the fridge.

Who doesn't want to eat well and not spend more than 10 minutes in the kitchen? We found the solution: torillas, quesadillas and burritos. Not only does it look much better than a sandwich, but it allows you to play with several ingredients at the same time. Because I wanted a consistent meal recipe, I looked for one that included meat.

I chose a quesadilla with chicken and mushrooms from Simple Recipes which is ... extremely simple. It leaves you the possibility to experiment, to adapt and to choose the right quantities for you. It gives you the basis on which to vary.

We tested it and adapted it in quantities for 4 servings.


  • 4 large tortillas (you can find them ready in supermarkets)
  • 8 tablespoons grated cheese (2 tablespoons for each tortilla) can be cheddar or any other hard or smoked cheese
  • olive oil
  • 2 cooked chicken breasts (can be from yesterday's steak, grilled, boiled with spices)

The rest of the ingredients are optional. You can add a little of all or just one according to your taste.

  • sliced ​​mushrooms
  • green onions
  • sliced ​​black olives
  • diced fresh tomatoes
  • avocado

Heat a frying pan greased with olive oil. Put a tortilla in it and turn it from side to side every 10-15 seconds.

When it starts to brown, put 2 tablespoons of grated cheese on top of it (be careful not to end up on the pan), then pieces of chicken and any other optional ingredients. Don't overdo it with them because they will go out.

Let the heat simmer and cover the pan with a lid. After a minute, check if the cheese has started to melt. Repeat the operation, checking every minute.

When the cheese has melted, lift a part of the tortilla disk with a spatula and fold it in half. Like you would make an omelet. Leave it on the fire for a maximum of one minute, but be careful that the tortilla does not show.

Take it out immediately and cut it in half. Repeat until you finish tortillas.

Serve quesadillas with lettuce, salsa or guacamole.

Verdict: Easy to make, fast and very tasty. It is one of our favorite recipes and we plan to vary it with other ingredients. We liked the combination of chicken with green onions and olives the most.

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This omelet muffin recipe is a quick idea for crowded mornings. These protein-filled muffins are absolutely delicious thanks to the other ingredients and the adjacent flavors of bacon, cheddar cheese and spinach. Yes, you can hide the spinach in this breakfast worthy of Popeye's diet, so that the little ones don't turn up their noses. The cooking time is about 5 minutes, and the cooking time is 15 minutes, so you will have a morning treat ready in about 20 minutes, for the whole family.

It is a good idea to start with a portion of eggs for breakfast, to start the day with protein. But after making the same omelet recipe for weeks on end, you probably want to get a little out of that breakfast routine and try something new. Therefore, this omelet muffin recipe will stimulate your creative spirit and help you make a new preparation from the same ingredients you used until now. You can use fresh or frozen spinach for this preparation, but make sure you drain all the excess water so that the muffins do not become too watery. You can customize these egg cups to your liking, changing the ingredients according to the preferences of your loved ones. You can use pressed ham instead of bacon, sautéed mushrooms instead of spinach. No matter how you serve it, it is a breakfast that does not require much effort.


vegetable oil
6 eggs
sea ​​salt
freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup cooked, finely chopped spinach
1/3 cup cooked bacon, finely chopped
1/3 cup grated cheddar cheese

1. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Grease 6 muffin tins with oil or line with baking paper.

2. Break the eggs into a large bowl and beat well with a whisk for about a minute. Over them, add the cooked spinach, drained of excess water, drained bacon oil and grated cheddar cheese. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous composition.

3. Divide the composition evenly between the 6 muffin tins. Leave in the oven for about 15-18 minutes or until the eggs are fully cooked. You can serve the omelet muffins immediately or keep them in the fridge until you eat them with your loved ones.

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